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EAA Chapter 1310 emphasizes the informal grass-roots environment the way flying used to be like while keeping members informed on current situations and techniques. Among our recent activities was an aircraft fabric covering workshop where members got hands-on experience on the technique of working with the covering material on actual aircraft parts. In 2005 our web site placed second for all EAA Chapter web sites. This year we are going to be holding a hands-on welding workshop.

Our meetings regularly provide insight to airplane operation and maintenance to help members obtain the knowledge for safe and inexpensive operation of certified, homebuilt and vintage aircraft. We regularly sponsor safety seminars in association with the FAA Safety Team..

EAA Chapter 1310 at Skylark Airpark, in East Windsor Connecticut, provides a gathering place where members can interact and participate in aviation activities year round. We donít only discuss aircraft building and maintenance. Past meetings have had presentations from a powered parachute instructor, a Pearl Harbor survivor, and a presentation from an author of books on World War II Naval history.

We would like you to join us at a coming meeting or event to see how Chapter 1310 could be a valuable part of your EAA membership.

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